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Expert Commercial Pressure Washing in Kalamazoo Michigan

It’s time for commercial power washing in Kalamazoo for your business! Expert services by the pros here at ProClean Power Washing Kalamazoo ensure a clean, pristine property that’s ready for staff and visitors. Additionally, our commercial pressure washer services can remove graffiti, chewing gum, and other tough debris from a variety of surfaces. You’ll be left with nothing but a stunning property after our team comes through!

If you’ve been putting off calling a commercial pressure cleaner, now is the time to call. The longer you ignore dirt and grime, the more likely they’ll stain exterior surfaces. Also, note that motor oil and other residues can damage asphalt, concrete, and more. In turn, pressure washing not only cleans your property but protects it from long-term damage.

We’re happy to explain our services and discuss what makes us #1 in the industry. Our crew is also ready to explain pressure washing benefits in more detail and why our soft wash is the best choice.

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Why Schedule Regular Commercial Pressure Washing Services?

Why schedule regular commercial pressure washing for your property? There are many advantages offered by our commercial pressure washer services, including:

  • Motor oil and other fluids and chemicals eat away at asphalt, concrete, and similar materials. On the other hand, expert power washing protects those materials from cracking, spalling, and potholes.
  • Removing dirt and grime from lighting fixtures and streetlights ensures a safe property.
  • Our commercial pressure washing can tackle dirt on business signage. In turn, you know customers and clients can find you quickly and easily!
  • Washing away dust, pollen, cobwebs, and air pollution residues can mean easier breathing for staff and visitors.
  • Power washing removes damaging mold and mildew, protecting roof shingles.
  • Expert pressure washing also removes odor you might notice from mold, oily stains, and other debris!

For a stunning property you’ll be proud of, consider commercial pressure washing. These services ensure outstanding curb appeal and a safe, clean property.

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How Commercial Power Washing Is Different!

Professional commercial pressure washing in Kalamazoo is different than standard residential services. How so? First, an industrial pressure washer tackles tough grime you don’t often see on residential properties. Second, we tailor our services to address issues commonly found on commercial properties but not residential homes.

For example, we can typically remove graffiti, industrial oil stains, and other grime that’s typical with commercial properties. Our team can also tackle overhead lighting, business signage, and large parking lots with ease. We also make quick work of cleaning glass storefronts, patio areas, and other spaces you need to keep spotless.

Additionally, we also offer power washing services needed for both residential and commercial properties. This includes roof washing, gutter cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, and pool deck pressure washing. In turn, you can rest assured that your property is spotless from top to bottom when you work with our crew!

Cleaning an entryway during commercial pressure washing Kalamazoo
Before and after commercial pressure washing services

What Makes Us the #1 Local Pressure Washers

Never leave your needed commercial pressure washing to an amateur! Instead, rely on the experienced, trained crew here at ProClean Power Washing. What makes us the best commercial pressure washer crew in the industry? First, consider our twenty years of experience, which means we’ve seen it all when it comes to power washing services.

Second, note that we offer soft wash commercial power washing for properties. Soft wash cleaning ensures a thorough yet gentle wash, perfect for shingles, glass, brick, wood, and other materials. We’re so confident in our results that we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee with every project.

For all these reasons and more, why not call our team for your FREE consultation and price quote today? We’ll explain our services and discuss your property in more detail at your earliest convenience. Our crew is always eager to hear from commercial property owners and to get started on the expert services you need to have done. With that in mind, call now!



See what our customers have to say:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Just had Nate clean my roof, house, and windows inside and out.
Looks amazing! Great work and clean up after the wash. Highly recommend Pro Clean!
- Rick Hasseld

#1 for Residential & Commercial Power Washing in Kalamazoo

ProClean Power Washing is the company to trust for all your needed commercial and residential power washing services. We offer full-scale roof washing, exterior wall power washing, gutter cleanouts, and sidewalk and driveway cleaning.

Additionally, you can call us for pool deck cleaning, parking lot power washing, and virtually all other pressure washing services you need to have done. We start every project with a FREE price quote and guarantee satisfaction. If you’re ready for the best pressure washing your property has ever enjoyed, contact us today!

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