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Fence Pressure Washing Kalamazoo Michigan

Fence pressure washing for Kalamazoo properties isn’t always at the top of everyone’s priority list. However, when you pressure wash a fence, you ensure a stunning property and improved air quality. An expert fence cleaner can remove mold, dust, pollen, grass stains, dirt, mud, and other grime. ProClean Power Washing Kalamazoo even guarantees expert cleaning for every project we tackle.

Additionally, when we pressure wash a wood fence, we remove damaging mold and insects burrowing into that wood. A thorough exterior cleaning also restores a fence’s appearance, bringing back its color and shine. You might see many more years of life in that fence when you trust us with an expert wash!

For all these reasons and more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer care team today. We’ll schedule a FREE consultation and price estimate at your earliest convenience. Moreover, we’re happy to explain our soft wash cleaning processes and why they’re superior to other methods. You’ll love your property’s fence once our team comes through, so call now!

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Wood deck and fence pressure washing

Is Regular Fence Pressure Washing Really Necessary?

When was the last time you scheduled professional fence pressure washing on your property? This is a vital service for any residential or commercial lot. Wood fences are famous for harboring mold and insects, which damage that fence and create an unpleasant setting. Solid vinyl fencing also shows grass stains and other unsightly marks easily.

Metal fences including wrought iron and decorative aluminum can hold thick dust along their surfaces. These make the fences look rundown and dingy while hiding their decorative features. Mud and other debris also show up on glass fences, detracting from their appearance and blocking your view! Mesh fences also hold debris and dirt in their openings.

Unfortunately, garden hoses don’t always tackle these issues easily, while rented pressure equipment can damage many fencing materials. On the other hand, a professional fence cleaner on our crew makes quick work of thorough washing. Your property will then look clean and pristine and like new after our team comes through.

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Why DIY Fence Pressure Washing Is Ineffective and Damaging

If it’s time for fence pressure washing, why not rent a machine and just spray down those fences and other surfaces? One reason is that power washers are heavy and cumbersome and more difficult to manage than you might realize. Two, it’s incredibly easy to damage fencing materials with even the smallest machine and lightest pressure!

Not only can too much pressure leave behind streaks and etching but overdoing it with cleaner also damages fence materials. Not rinsing detergents can dry out wood or create streaks on metal and glass. It’s also not unusual for amateurs to damage property and features near those fences. As a result, you can end up with ruined landscaping, shattered window screens, and more.

With this in mind, let a pro pressure wash fences on your property. Soft wash power washing is also especially effective and safe for wood fences, glass, aluminum, and other materials. Low-pressure rinsing protects fencing from damage while leaving behind a spotless clean. Professional power washers also avoid damage to surrounding landscaping and other features.

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Call the #1 Kalamazoo Fence Pressure Washing Company 

There is no other fence pressure washing company in the area like ProClean Power Washing Kalamazoo! What makes us the best in the power washing business? First, we only use soft wash pressure washing, for a gentle clean on every surface. Second, our quotes never include hidden charges or surprise fees, so you know what you’re paying upfront.

Also, keep in mind that we have years of experience and power washing is all we do. In turn, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. There is almost nothing we can’t tackle when it comes to dirt, grime, mold, and other debris on fencing materials. In fact, we guarantee customer satisfaction with every fence we clean.

So, what’s keeping you from contacting our cleaning crew today? After all, your property’s fence won’t clean itself. We can remove stains, dirt, bothersome pollen and dust, and more from fencing materials. To find out more or for your FREE quote, call us today.



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Just had Nate clean my roof, house, and windows inside and out.
Looks amazing! Great work and clean up after the wash. Highly recommend Pro Clean!
- Rick Hasseld

Our Power Washing Contractors Are the Best in the Business!

Whatever your needs for exterior power washing, ours is the name to trust. Our crew provides expert roof washing, gutter cleaning, exterior wall washing, and driveway power washing. Additionally, we make quick work of wood deck and fence cleaning as well as patio paver cleaning and sealing.
Moreover, our team can tackle your commercial property, removing dirt and grime from parking lots and walkways. Expert power washing also ensures clean signage and lighting features. Whatever it takes for a clean, pristine property, we’re the name that can’t be beat.

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