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When you need a professional, reliable patio cleaner in Kalamazoo, call ProClean Power Washing. We offer expert patio cleaning services for a variety of materials including pavers, concrete, brick, and more. Our patio restoration services ensure a stunning, pristine space that’s ready for relaxing and entertaining. Additionally, soft wash power washing removes bothersome mold, dust, pollen, and other irritants.

If you’ve been searching for the best patio cleaner in the city, you’ve come to the right place! We guarantee customer satisfaction with every project. Moreover, we always prepare a FREE price estimate, with no hidden charges or fees. The price you see on our quote is the price you pay, every time.

With this in mind, why not call our team today and get started with your no-cost appointment? We’re happy to explain more about soft wash systems and how they differ from standard power washing. We can also point out all the areas of your property that can benefit from professional pressure washing services.

Before and after professional patio cleaner Kalamazoo.
After services by a professional patio cleaner.

Why Call a Professional for Your Patio Cleaning in Michigan

When was the last time you had a professional patio cleaner tackle your property? If it’s been a few years, or you’ve never had the space cleaned professionally, check out some reasons why it’s time to make that call:

  • Expert power washing removes thick dirt, grime, mud, and other debris a garden hose can’t address.
  • Our professional soft wash cleaning washes away sand, silt, and other gritty debris trapped in paver materials and crevices.
  • Power washing kills mold, mildew, moss, and algae, protecting patio materials from damage and ensuring a safe surface under foot.
  • Patio cleaning services remove dust, pollen, and irritants. You can then breathe more easily when outside!
  • Professional patio cleaning restores paver colors, for a stunning appearance.

Above all, letting us tackle your patio means that you can spend your weekends relaxing rather than power washing! To find out more about the benefits of power washing, check out our blog.

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This Project is Not a DIY Job

For a clean, pristine property you’ll be proud of, call a professional patio cleaner in Kalamazoo MI. While you can rent a pressure washing machine, there are many reasons to leave this work to the pros:

  • It’s easy to dislodge brick and pavers when using power washing equipment. On the other hand, our trained technicians ensure safe, damage-free cleaning.
  • Our soft wash systems dissolve the thickest dirt and grime, making quick work of needed cleaning.
  • Low-pressure soft wash rinsing also means less risk of splattering and making a bigger mess than when you started!
  • Property owners often overlook far corners or other hard-to-reach areas of their patio. However, our crew always provides a thorough clean of your space.
  • You have better things to do with your time than tackling all that grime along your patio!

Enjoying a pristine patio space that offers a welcoming appearance year-round, call our crew today. We’ll tailor a cleaning service for your property and prepare a price quote you can trust.

Results of a professional patio cleaner Kalamazoo.
Tools used by a professionla patio cleaner.

What Makes Us the Best Power Washers

Why can we say that our patio cleaners are the best in the business? One reason is that we have over two decades of experience, so we’ve seen it all when it comes to power washing! Two, we never start work without a full patio inspection. In turn, we can tailor our services to fit your property.

Additionally, our soft wash systems provide a gentle and safe yet thorough clean for every patio material. Soft washing is excellent for pavers, stone, brick, concrete, and asphalt. It’s also the preferred choice for wood decks and fences. You’ll be left with nothing but a stunning patio space after our crew comes through!

Above all, we guarantee customer satisfaction with every project we tackle. Check out the before and after pictures of our work on our home page! You can enjoy the same results when you call us here at ProClean Power Washing Kalamazoo. Whatever it takes to ensure a clean, pristine outdoor space, ours is the team to get it done.



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Just had Nate clean my roof, house, and windows inside and out.
Looks amazing! Great work and clean up after the wash. Highly recommend Pro Clean!
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ProClean Power Washing offers full-scale power washing for your property. Ask us about roof washing, gutter cleaning, and exterior wall washing. We also offer expert patio paver cleaning and sealing, for a stunning outdoor space. Our team also provide expert commercial power washing services as well. Check out our blog for more information about what power washing can do for your property!

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